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  • New anodized pieces

    New anodized pieces

    The connections of the components of the gmi frontier and avantgard implants system of platform WP have been colored in magenta and blue respectively. This will allow to differentiate easily the different platforms avoiding confusions.
  • New Iceberg-Glue

    New Iceberg-Glue

    Skin adhesive for healing of oral surgical injuries Read More
  • New surgical kits with GROMMET-LESS technology

    New surgical kits with GROMMET-LESS technology

    Maximum hygiene: Completely smooth surface Security: Suitable for automatic disinfection Simplicity: Greater use of space Ease: Avoid having to disassemble the supports
  • New implant MONOLITH

    New implant MONOLITH

    Narrow implant of ø2.9 mm - Neck anatomical profile to facilitate biological sealing
  • Inspiration in Motion

    Inspiration in Motion

    Water, a basic and continuously moving element, is our source of inspiration.
  • Technological focus

    Technological focus

    Our products are developed and manufactured following the most demanding control procedures, thus obtaining the highest degree of quality.
  • Our fundamentals

    Our fundamentals

    In the manufacture of dental implants we use the highest quality cold-formed pure titanium (Grade IV).
  • International vocation

    International vocation

    GMI-Ilerimplant is a company with total and absolute international vocation. We understand different cultures and look for agreements where everybody wins. A way of thinking and a way of life.
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